Fiat 500L Urban Look

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Fiat 500L

Petrol - Petrol + LPG - Petrol + CNG - Diesel
80 - 120 HP / 59 - 88 kW
46.3 - 72.4 mpg (3.9-6.1 l/100km) / 3,3 - 4,7 CNG (kg)
Manual - Semi automatic



The family features are even more visible in the new Fiat 500L. Restyled exterior design with iconic new detailing.

The moustache, the grille and the LED Daytime Running Lights mark out the same iconic smile as the Fiat 500.

Family feeling in the profile too, with the side mouldings and chrome handles and detailing.

Chrome detailing matched with the Fiat 500 family design. The new body-coloured bumpers highlight the car's elegance.

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Make yourself comfortable, we're off!

The new interior of the Fiat 500L is a fusion of design with functionality and comfort with elegance.

From the new seat upholsteries and dashboard finishing to the ambient lighting, the atmosphere on-board is distinguished.

Steering wheel with integrated controls

With the new Fiat 500L, technology is - literally - at your fingertips. As well as featuring outstanding design, the new steering wheel with integrated controls gives you the convenience of being able to control all the main functions of the radio and instrument panel with the slightest movement of your fingertips.

For those with their heads in the clouds

Treat your passengers to a new point of view. The 1.5-square-metre panoramic roof gives endless sequence of scenery to enjoy.

Have you got enough luggage to fill it

The boot of the new Fiat 500L doesn't do compromise: with up to 455 litres of load space, it has all the room you and your family need to take what you want with you. What's more, with the Cargo Magic Space height adjustable load platform, you can organise the space the way you want it. And with the back seat down, you get up to 1,480 litres of boot space.

Uconnect Live

Connect your smartphone and use the numerous apps on the in-car system, such as eco:Drive to monitor your driving style and help you improve your fuel economy.

my:Car is able to monitor the condition of your car, via smartphone if you want, and remind you where you parked. Including Facebook check-in and Twitter.

Or listen to a choice of over 43 million tracks on Deezer or over 100 million radio stations on TuneIn, follow the news in real time on Reuters, and get traffic information, safety cameras locations and weather forecasts from TomTom Live services. What more could you want?

Parkview rear parking camera

Reversing is now easier than ever thanks to a clearer, sharper image and active grid lines that adjust as the steering wheel is turned.

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Safety features

Maximum safety inside and out

Nobody knows how to take better care of your family than the 500L family. This is why we have chosen to add 6 airbags, at the front and sides of the car.

Trouble-free in the city

With 500L, driving around in traffic is completely safe: Autonomous City Brake detects the presence of other vehicles or obstacles and automatically brakes to avoid collisions or mitigate their consequences.

Full stability

Welcome to worry-free driving. With the Fiat 500L, you can keep your family as safe as can be with perfect control in emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces thanks to the ESC stability control system.

Got a mountain to climb?

Worried about hill starts? Pulling away smoothly on inclines is easy with the Fiat 500L thanks to the Hill Holder function which holds the brakes preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards.

Everything under control

The Fiat 500L is always there when you need help. It’s equipped with DST, the dynamic steering torque that improves the car’s road handling performances.

Safety in every situation

ERM is the advanced anti-rollover mitigation service, designed to make your trips even safer.

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Tunes at your fingertips

Classical music, pop, a bit of heavy metal or how about an audio book?

Whatever your tastes, you'll be happy with the new Uconnect™ 7” HD LIVE* touchscreen system. And for the most sophisticated users, there's the Beats HiFi system.

There's just one problem though. Getting everyone to agree on what to put on.


TomTom navigation system brings you innovative features, like IQ Routes, which helps you find the quickest way. The new Uconnect 7" HD LIVE system makes full use of touchscreen functionality to let you pinch and zoom until you get the optimum view of the map.

Apple CarPlay

The new Fiat 500L can feature Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay is the smartest and safest way to use your iPhone in the car. Thanks to the main apps and functions developed specifically for CarPlay on your Fiat 500L's screen, you can get traffic bulletins, make phone calls, send and receive text messages and listen to music without taking your attention off the road. With Siri, you can use voice commands to manage the main functions of your smartphone, or use the touchscreen or steering wheel-mounted controls.

CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trade marks of Apple Inc.  


Android Auto™

The new Fiat 500L can feature Android Auto™.
Android Auto™ simplifies access to your content and apps while you're driving without putting your safety at risk. Your apps will appear on the screen of your Fiat 500L, thanks to the simple, intuitive interface, organised into easy-to-read pages. With Google Maps, you get traffic bulletins and a whole lot more in real time, and with the best hands-free technology, you can make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.
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Android, Android Auto™, Google Play and other brands are registered trade marks of Google Inc.

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Fiat 500L

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